CSPAN Video Barnett/Keyes/Drake v. Obama 9th Circuit Court of Appeals


  1. I think Orly did a great job. I don’t hold out much hope in the 9th circuit however. Kreep made his best statement when he boiled it down to “is he eligible or is he not?” Why don’t these dunderheads understand this? Every EO he signs is invalid if HE is invalid. I liked it when Orly said she would expect behavior like this in the Soviet Union but not here! She has really exhausted every avenue and it was obvious these judges have NOT looked at her paperwork.

    ivehadit, 2 years ago

  2. Of the three judges the bafoon in the middle should retire, or be retired. Orly did an exlnt job . It is amazing to me that a case as important as this should take this long to get an intelligent group of people to make of proper decision , my god I think a group of high school kids could do it .Either these people are addle brains or just not up to the job , there is no excuse for this to go on so long while the country is just slip sliding away under the Zero in chief.

    william k, 2 years ago

  3. What is wrong with these judges ? It is not rocket science to see that we have a fraud in the White House . When more then fifty per cent of the American people believe obama is not legally holding the office of President of these United States . These judges are ether paid off or have been threaten . The evidence that is out there about this fraud obama is a plain as the nose on your face . Tell these judges to stop stalling and honor their oath to the US Constitution .

    Charles, 2 years ago

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