Obama’s Forged HI Birth Certificate

You can see the anomalies in Obama’s alleged Hawaii birth certificate posted at whitehouse.gov. This page contains a thorough analysis of this forgery. Some of the document experts have completed affidavits for several different lawsuits – Barnett, Keyes et al v. Obama, Taiz v. Astrue (Social Security Administration) and Taitz v. The Hawaii Department of Health. The document is not a can as Obama’s attorney claimed, it is in fact an electronic concoction. Why would Obama produce a forgery if he in fact has a hawaii birth certificate listing the information he claims to be his birth information.

The most obvious problems with the forgery are; there are multiple “typed” fonts on the certificate when in 1961 typewriters had only one font style, kerning (only came available with word processing), and computer generated fonts.

The whitehouse.gov “birth certificate” may still be posted there. Go and look at if for yourself. Make sure to download it and enlarge it to take a good look. Scroll all of the way down the page to see all of forgery analysis on this page.

The Original Obama White House Birth Certificate

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Analysis by by Paul Irey – American Typwriter

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Analysis by Zebest

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Analysis by Vogt

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Analysis by Harrison

Obama Birth Forgery Papa Affidavit

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Retired Army Captain Pamela Barnett
I am suing Obama to force the release of all records that will reveal all of his diffent citizenships. According to Obama's website he is a "native born" citizen, not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as required by the U.S. Constitution. Are we a nation of laws?

Attended both the Obama, Columbia treason trial in Harlem, NY, and the court martial trial of LTC Terrence Lakin. Also, was a regional campaign manager for Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. I have an active lawsuit in California (pro se, non-attorney) suing the Secretary of State and Jerry Brown for election fraud in the 2008 general election and the 2010 primary.


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