NH Attorney General Conducts Apparent Act of Intimidation Against NH Reps that Support Obama Ballot Investigation

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Breaking: New Hampshire Speaker Cancels Meeting With House Members; Launches Investigation of Reps at Ballot Commission Meeting

From The Post and Email


by Sharon Rondeau

William O’Brien has been a state representative from New Hampshire’s Hillsborough 4 District since 2004 and became Speaker of the House in 2011

(Nov. 21, 2011) — The following email was received at approximately 7:45 p.m. EST from New Hampshire Rep. Harry Accornero, who was present at the November 18, 2011 Ballot Law Commission meeting in Concord, NH to discuss whether or not Obama’s name should be placed on the state’s ballot:

Sent:  Monday, November 21, 2011 6:21 PM
To:  Accornero, Harry; DeLemus, Susan; Baldasaro, Al; Baldasaro,Alfred
‘Delaney, Michael A’ [Michael.A.Delaney@doj.nh.gov]; Ann Rice [ann.rice@doj.nh.gov]; Bettencourt, David; ‘robert.quinn@dos.nh.gov’; Mead, Robert; Wadsworth, Karen; Joyner, Randy

November 21, 2011
Dear Representatives Accornero, DeLemus and Baldasaro:
I have just had a meeting with Attorney General Delaney concerning the Ballot Law Commission hearing on November 18.  He is concerned over how members of the House conducted themselves during and following the hearing, as well as for the safety of a member of his office who attended the meeting in an official capacity.
I am requesting that the Chief of Protective Services, Randy Joyner, conduct an investigation of the incident and provide a written report to me.  In addition, I have been informed that the Attorney General has requested that Colonel Quinn of the State Police have his office conduct a review of the incident.

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