CPT Pamela Barnett, CDR Charles Kerchner join in solidarity to support LTC Terry Lakin at trial

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CPT Pamela Barnett, CDR Charles Kerchner join in solidarity to support LTC Terry Lakin at trial

Next week the most important court martial trial in U.S. history will convene and LTC Terrence Lakin as well as the rest of the country will learn if we are a nation of laws or men. LTC Lakin, an Army surgeon, has put his entire 18 year military career, pension and other military benefits on the line to ensure that the U.S. Constitution is being enforced in regard to Barack Hussein Obama occupying the positions of President and Commander in Chief.

“”LTC Lakin’s court martial trial is the most important trial in history. It will establish whether or not the military is acting as a police force under the U.S. corporation, or whether it is the U.S. military acting within the laws of the U.S. Constitution,” CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired.

Captain Pamela Barnett, USA Retired and Commander Charles Kerchner, USN Retired, will both stand with LTC Terry Lakin during his court martial trial next week Dec. 14-16 at Fort Meade, MD, in a show of solidarity in wanting proof that Barack Hussein Obama is a lawful POTUS under the U.S. Constitution under Article II, Secion 1, Clause 5. Both Barnett and Kerchner are/were lead plaintiffs in separate lawsuits (Ambassador Alan Keyes is the other lead plaintiff with Barnett) challenging Obama’s eligibility and both groups of plaintiffs were also denied justice just as LTC Lakin has been denied justice. Neither case (Barnett, Keyes et al v. Obama or Kerchner et al v. Obama et al) were heard on merits or granted discovery on whether Obama is a lawful potus under the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause.

Both lawsuits stated that prior SCOTUS rulings and historical meaning define a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (Not native born as Obama has stated he is on his campaign website) as someone born of two U.S. citizen parents on U.S. soil, and both arguments provided evidence that obama may have not have been born in Hawaii and may have lost U.S. citizenship, if he ever had it, when he was adopted by an Indonesian father when he was living in Indonesia.  A lack of u.s. citizenship would explain Obama’s refusal to release his school records in addition to his birth records.

Barnett’s case which is on appeal to the 9th Circuit has also included two affidavits from licensed private investigators that show Obama’s use of a Connecticut issued social security number when he never lived in the state. The report also showed that the SSN Obama uses is also shared with someone born in 1890. The SSA refuses to release the original application to show who originally applied for this SSN. This situation is indicative of SSN fraud.  The U.S. State Department has stated in a FOIA response that Obama’s mother’s passport records were destroyed prior to 1965 even though most peoples records were not destroyed prior to 1965.  This would have given us insight to her location at the time she gave birth.

“I urge everyone to go at least one day to the trial to support a brave, principled military officer LTC Lakin, who is standing in defense of our Constitution. After 2 years of fact accumulation, I believe Barack Hussein Obama aka Soebarkah aka Barry Soetoro is not a lawful POTUS, and therefore I believe his orders to be unlawful. Congress needs to act immediately to insure that a lawful POTUS sits in the White House. Our troops deserve to have full protection of the United States government, and by having a potentially unlawful POTUS running “military” actions all over the world, he risks our soldiers not being protected by the Geneva Convention,” Barnett said.  “If you cannot attend the trial please pass on the information to everyone you know because the paid media continues to hide the ineligibility of Obama, and now the livelihood of an American military hero and his family are on the line.”

For more information on the trial or to donate to the LTC Lakin’s defense visit:

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  1. LTC Laken is a true American hero who needs help from every American patriot in the United States.

    James G. Borden, 3 years ago

  2. I may not support the strategy of this (former) Field Grade Officer, However I certainly admire his courage for standing up for his convictions. It is one thing to badmouth the President from the safety of the O-Club walls; it is quite another to PUBLICALLY say “Take you Commission and your medals and your pension and shove it—I ain’t following your orders”!!!

    I am not a ‘Birther’ because it is not necessary for Pres. Obama to produce his ‘long form’ birth certificate, his school records, his draft registration or any other ‘AWOL’ document. The man admits to having TWO FATHERS, NONE OF WHICH ARE AMERICAN CITIENS—Unless he can produce an American Father, he is not qualified to be president. P-E-R-I-O-D!!!

    I blame the GOP on this. The GOP went after Pres. Clinton on the twink issue of his banging an intern (hey, one can’t become a TOTAL SKANK without some training)but strangely remained silent on the HUGE qualification issue. Because I have a dirty mind, I think one of three things happened: A. The GOP wanted Obama to take out Hillary in the Primary because it perceived Obama as the easiest canidate for McCain to beat (and miscalculated) B. The GOP miscalculated the Hatred/Lack of Support for their Canidates SEN John ‘Keitings Five’ McCane and ‘Nailin’ Palin within the Republican ranks or C. The GOP cut a deal with the DNC to look the other way on Obama’s credentials IF OBAMA AGREED TO CONTINUE THE BAILOUT OF WALLSTREET THAT BUSH LAUNCHED IN SEP2008.

    America has ALWAYS been about dirty politics. Pres. Tildon won the Electorial and Popular vote in 1876 but a deal was struck for Harrison to Become POTUS in exchange for his dismantling Reconstruction in the South and withdrawing Federal Troops. Harrison said ‘Deal’ Harrison was declared President, Reconstruction ended and it took another 130 years to undo the damage to civil rights. Other than death, the only two ways to remove Pres. Obama from office is for him to resign (won’t happen)or he is impeached (can’t happen 1.) The Senate is Democratic 2.) Not enought time left to begin the impeachment process, let alone try him in the Senate.

    Pres. Obama is a one term President and a black cultural icon—he’ll have that. He is not a TERRORIST or a SOCIALIST/MARXIST—he’s worse…he’s an Idealist. Having sold out to the Republicans on the Bush Tax Cut, he’s killed his liberal base and PO’d us moderates. If the Republicans were smart, they should approach Pres. Bill Clinton and offer to fund Hillary in 2012…just a thought

    Michael C. Goncalves, 3 years ago

  3. ?Hola!
    Nombre de unlawfulpresident.com a GoogleReader!


    Garretot, 3 years ago

  4. Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Kenya, Africa.
    Muslim Obama is not a Christian.
    Muslim Obama is also a Marxist Communist.
    By now it should be obvious to anyone doing any objective research and actually paying attention to know what I am saying is the truth.
    The American people, as a whole, need to get their head out of the ground and wake-up.
    Muslim President Obama is an illegal president that is doing his best to destroy America.
    Everything he does is to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    Muslim Obama wants to turn our Republic into an islamic cockroach nation.
    Muslim Obama’s plan is bring in one-hundred million muslim cockroaches from the Mideast to build his muslim army.
    That’s why the Muslim President supported the so-called revolutions in Egypt and Libya.
    The Muslim President wants to create a refuge problem, so he will have an excuse to bring them in under Executive Orders without having to tell the American people, which he is already doing.
    With over one-hundred million muslim cockroaches in America it will be possible for them to take over our country with the help from a Muslim President in the White House.
    The Muslim President is also building his own private civilian army with the 12 million dollars that congress approved, that army is in progress now of being formed.
    There are FEMA Concentration camps around the country, which will be used to detain and kill Americans.
    The Democrat, Republican and Tea Parties in congress know this to be true.
    If Muslim Obama gets re-elected tens of millions of American Patriots fully expect a Second American Revolution.
    American Patriots will not be starting the War which will begin the Second American Revolution, but American Patriots and other American citizens will finish it.
    American Patriots will not sit back and do nothing while our country is being destroyed by an illegal president and a corrupted congress that hates America.
    The United States Congress is full of American traitors that are also trying to destroy our constitution and are also America’s enemies for they know Muslim Obama is a phony president are doing nothing to expose him and remove him from office.
    Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama II should be arrested and then tried and convicted in an honest Federal Court for being a foreign born terrorist against America and then be hanged for terrorism against America.
    Muslim President Obama’s hanging should be televised nationally just like Iraq’s President Hussein’s hanging was Iraq.
    James G. Borden
    Newsletter Editor
    National Headquarters
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720

    James G. Borden, 2 years ago

  5. Nice post about CPT Pamela Barnett, CDR Charles Kerchner join in solidarity to support LTC Terry Lakin at trial. I am very impressed with the time and effort you have put into writing this story. I will give you a link on my social media blog. All the best!

    facebook mobile, 2 years ago

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